38-Year-Old Former Champion to Betray WWE Stable and Reunite with His Brother? Exploring Potential Swerve

The Bloodline

This week on  , made his return to the company and was there to reveal who he believed was “next in line” Interestingly, it was as he has caused the least number of issues over the past year.

 obviously thought that he would be chosen since he is the older brother, but was made to look quite foolish. Given the position he has been put in, this could lead to Jimmy finally walking away from and reuniting with his brother Jey.

The two men have been at odds for several months but family is family and there is a way that they could put their issues aside since it's clear that both men are missing their twin.

Jimmy would only have to approach Jey and make it clear that he was right and then the two men could reunite once again.