5 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Should Face His Rumored Opponents at WWE Royal Rumble

WWE will hold Royal Rumble 2024 later this month on January 27. The big event is set to emanate from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. This was, at one time, the home of the ThunderDome.

So far, just a few matches have been confirmed for the show. The men’s and women’s Royal Rumble bouts have been announced. Additionally, Logan Paul will defend his coveted United States Championship against either Santos Escobar or Kevin Owens in Florida.


Another champion set to defend his coveted prize is Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief hasn’t been in action since Crown Jewel 2023, but he could face one of his biggest challenges yet on January 27.

Three main challengers hope to challenge The Tribal Chief, plus a few other stars rumored to target his gold. This article will look at each rumored challenger and break down why they could and arguably should be the one to challenge Roman Reigns at the big show.

#5 He should wrestle LA Knight because The Megastar was robbed of a title opportunity

LA Knight was among WWE’s biggest success stories last year. He debuted on the company’s main roster in 2022 under Vince McMahon’s regime. He was the manager of the Maximum Male Models. A year and a half later, Knight is one of the most prominent names in the industry.

His star rose at such a rapid pace that The Megastar even battled Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel 2023. Unfortunately, he failed to defeat The Tribal Chief thanks to interference from The Bloodline.

That could be why LA Knight should be the one who faces Reigns at Royal Rumble. He didn’t lose to Reigns fairly and has yet to have a rematch of any kind. The Megastar deserves another crack at the gold, hopefully without any interference this time.

#4 Roman Reigns should lock horns with CM Punk because it is a dream match for WWE fans

CM Punk is the self-proclaimed Best In The World. While that nickname is up for debate, there is no debate that he is one of the most popular superstars in WWE history. Simply put, Punk is a massive draw.

Everybody cares about what The Voice Of The Voiceless does. That’s why fans went ballistic when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series WarGames 2023. Whether people like him or not, everybody reacted to his epic comeback.

With Punk back, fans are fantasy-booking dream matches for him. One of the most notable is Roman Reigns vs. CM Punk. It isn’t clear how long The Second City Saint will be in the company, so it may be wise to do this dream match as soon as possible. Royal Rumble 2024 is a perfect stage for the high-profile showdown.

#3 He should battle Randy Orton because The Viper is looking for revenge

Randy Orton is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He’s a 14-time WWE World Champion and a focal point of TV programming. The Legend Killer recently made his exciting comeback to the ring after a lengthy absence.

The Viper’s return at Survivor Series WarGames was special because he had been away from WWE for around eighteen months. This was due to a serious back injury. It was Roman Reigns and The Bloodline who sidelined Orton from in-ring action in kayfabe.

From a storyline perspective, it makes sense for Orton to seek revenge on The Bloodline and attempt to dethrone Roman Reigns. While a case can be made for everybody here, it may very well be the most logical move for Orton to be the one to compete for the gold at Tropicana Field.

#2 AJ Styles should be Reigns’ challenger because he missed out on the chance to face The Bloodline at Fastlane

AJ Styles is a veteran of the wrestling ring. For years before joining WWE, he was known as one of the best performers in the world. This was thanks to his work in Ring of Honor, TNA Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and other independent companies.

The Phenomenal One went on to become a multi-time WWE Champion. While he’s had a lot of success, Styles also faced hardships. The most recent came from a brutal backstage assault at the hands of Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso before Fastlane.

Just like with Randy Orton, AJ Styles has the perfect storyline reason to battle Roman Reigns. While his beef could be seen as more so with Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, The Phenomenal One knows Reigns called for the shot that took him down.

#1 The Rock should be Reigns’ opponent because time is running out

The Rock is the biggest star in professional wrestling despite rarely appearing on WWE programming. His star is so bright, thanks to his success in Hollywood. The People’s Champion has become one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world and is a mainstream attraction.

In a shocking move, The People’s Champion appeared on the most recent episode of WWE Monday Night RAW. He beat up Jinder Mahal and then teased a potential conflict with his cousin Roman Reigns.

This match is a bit different from the others because it may need to happen at Royal Rumble due to scheduling conflicts. The Rock is extremely busy, and he may be unable to compete at WrestleMania or Elimination Chamber. If that’s the case, January 27 could be the time to do it.