5 Ways The Rock vs Roman Reigns Can Happen in WWE

The Rock made another earth-shattering return to WWE during the latest edition of WWE RAW: Day 1. The People’s Champion, upon his comeback, engaged with Jinder Mahal, who also made his return to kick off the segment. After having a heated confrontation with the Modern Day Maharaja, a physical exchange between the two former WWE Champions ended in The Great One delivering his signature People’s Elbow on Mahal.

However, after this, The Rock called out Roman Reigns on the show, a moment which many fans have waited for years. After issuing this jaw-dropping challenge, fans now believe that a showdown between the two megastars is inevitable.


With that said, let’s discuss five ways the dream clash between these Samoan stars can happen in the Stamford-based Promotion.

#5. The Rock might win Royal Rumble 2024 to face Roman Reigns

One of the conceivable ways through which the Hollywood megastar will face The Tribal Chief is by winning the traditional Royal Rumble match this year. The potential scenario that could unfold sees The Rock entering the 30-man Royal Rumble match this year and eventually eliminating everyone in his sight. After emerging victorious, he may choose Roman Reigns to challenge at WrestleMania 40.

Winning the Royal Rumble match will also mean that The Rock earned his title shot rather than challenging Reigns and risk getting rejected.

#4. The Rock might win Elimination Chamber 2024

In case the People’s Champion fails to win or does not partake in the traditional match, the company can book the showdown between Reigns and The Rock by having the Great One win the Elimination Chamber match. This could be another potential route as the recently returned CM Punk looks likely to win the Royal Rumble and challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Title.

This will leave the company with the hard task of announcing a number one contender for the Head of the Table. This could result in The Rock adding himself to the mix and eventually facing Reigns at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

#3. The Rock challenges Roman Reigns for Elimination Chamber

After seemingly calling out The Tribal Chief on RAW Day 1, the multi-time World Champion may surface once again on the road to WrestleMania 2024. The possibility could arise if The People’s Champ returns to SmackDown to lay down a challenge to Roman Reigns for Elimination Chamber 2024.

Reports have been swirling regarding the legend’s participation in the Elimination Chamber show, which will be in Australia this year. A clash between the heavyweights could be on the cards at the event.

#2. Roman Reigns vs Rock after WrestleMania 40

This might be a surprise decision to make, but Triple H might decide to have the dream Samoan showdown after the Shows of the Shows this year. The callout from the Hollywood star might just be laying the groundwork for their future match later on this year.

This helps the company not only give Cody Rhodes another match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 to finish his story but also gives them more time to make his match hype feel like a once-in-a-lifetime clash.

#1. Rock cost Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble to set up a match

At Royal Rumble 2024, The Bloodline Leader is already scheduled to defend his Undisputed Universal Champion against the winner of the Triple Threat match from New Year’s Revolution. So another way to set up a clash between the People’s Champion and The Tribal Chief is to have Rock cost Reigns his title defense at Royal Rumble, eventually leading to the end of the historic title reign.

Further, the feud between Roman and Rock doesn’t need a title to main event WrestleMania, as there is already enough excitement regarding the bout.