9-Time Champion Must Return to Help Randy Orton Against The Bloodline

The King of the Ring Tournament is reaching its climax, and all eyes are now on Randy Orton and The Bloodline. With the go-home episode of SmackDown just around the corner, The Viper is preparing to take on Tama Tonga in the semi-finals of the tournament on the blue brand. However, given Solo Sikoa and Tonga Loa will be there ringside, it will be a tough task.

With that in mind, Randy Orton, although adamant that he is not afraid, will need all the support he can get. This is where a nine-time WWE Champion could play a huge role, especially given his history with The Bloodline. The champion is none other than The Tribal Chief himself, Roman Reigns, who has been on a hiatus after losing his Undisputed Title against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL.


Given their history, an allyship between Reigns and Randy Orton makes little to no sense. However, when you get past all underlying issues, there is a way they can mutually benefit from such a relationship. And here, are a few reasons how that would work out:

Roman Reigns needs support in order to retake control of The Bloodline

Despite all that went down on last week’s SmackDown, it seems clear that Roman Reigns is still The Tribal Chief. However, in terms of trust, the power lies solely with Solo Sikoa. He is the one responsible for recruiting both Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa, two superstars whom Reigns has no rapport with.

Assuming he does return, walking right back into The Bloodline would be like walking into a death trap. So, why not help Randy Orton in his feud with his family? That way, he can secure an unlikely ally, while also plotting to take back the throne from his cousin.

Orton has unfinished business with Reigns that can be settled as allies

Before Survivor Series 2023, Randy Orton was sidelined for more than a year. This was thanks in part to some brutal attacks at the hands of The Bloodline. And, although he did get his chance at Roman Reigns in the Royal Rumble 2024, the two still have some unfinished business.

The two could maintain an uneasy relationship, while they both deal with their respective problems with The Bloodline. But, it’s also important to remember that Orton is The Viper, and gaining Reigns’ trust would make it that much easier to reintroduce him to the three most dangerous letters in pro wrestling, RKO.

Roman Reigns could use Randy Orton in order to gain the trust of the new Bloodline

In stark contrast to the previous point, it could be Roman Reigns who manipulates Randy Orton. While he may be on hiatus right now, there is no guarantee that once he returns he will give up his heelish ways.

In the last few years, Reigns has been nothing if not conniving. He could very well feign friendship with Orton before betraying him and siding with the new Bloodline.

Giving up Orton, who has been a thorn in the new Bloodline’s side for weeks now, by softening him up, is the perfect way to gain Solo Sikoa’s trust. After that, he can slide right back into his seat at the Head of the Table, and continue to rule over the faction as he did before.

But, at the end of the day, this is nothing more than speculation. There is no telling when Roman Reigns will return, let alone if he will even side with Randy Orton. The WWE Universe will just have to wait and see what’s in store.