AJ Styles to Quit The O.C. and Start a New Faction with Absent Name and 2 Stars Secretly Re-Signed by Triple H?

AJStyles 1280

AJ Styles has finally returned to WWE, appearing at the end of last night’s episode of SmackDown. He hit Roman Reigns with a Phenomenal Forearm before surprising everyone by attacking LA Knight.

The former WWE Champion looks set to feud with The Megastar as he feels wronged. After all, The Phenomenal One was reportedly set to face Reigns at Crown Jewel before LA Knight took over. As a result, Styles may not have turned fully heel.


That said, a heel turn in the future is still possible. AJ Styles can take things even further by betraying The O.C. and quitting the group, instead opting for a stronger duo and someone he has had success with in the recent past. Enter Omos and The Authors of Pain.

Omos was AJ’s personal colossus back in 2021, with the two even winning the RAW Tag Team Championship. They can have a fruitful reunion in a bid to terrorize the SmackDown roster alongside AOP, who have allegedly re-signed with WWE. Akam and Rezar’s return might be imminent.