Big Details About The Rock’s Brutal Attack on Cody Rhodes

The Rock’s surprise appearance on Monday Night RAW was the biggest thing on the show. He played a huge part in making it one of the most compelling episodes of WWE television in recent history.

Interrupting Cody Rhodes in the opening segment, the Hollywood megastar whispered something in his ear. It proved to be a threat that would be fulfilled at the end of RAW. Following the match between Jey Uso and Shinsuke Nakamura, The Bloodline lured Rhodes into a beatdown by The Final Boss.

The segment got even better when The Rock made The American Nightmare bleed after sending him head-first into the exterior of his bus. The intensity was off the charts and it has received astronomical praise worldwide. So, who was responsible for producing the epic show-long angle?

Sources close to Sportskeeda confirmed that Michael Hayes and Bobby Roode produced everything related to it. This includes the show-opening promo, The Great One’s interruption, Jey Uso vs. Nakamura, and what happened after the main event between The Rock and Cody.

A successful night at the office for the two WWE veterans.

This was particularly big for Roode, who became a producer in 2023 following a career-threatening neck injury. The former NXT Champion is medically cleared to return to the ring but has ruled out a full-time comeback. Segments like The Rock’s attack on Cody Rhodes are proof that The Glorious One will have a long and successful career as a producer in WWE.

Meanwhile, the excitement for WrestleMania 40 is at an all-time high following that brutal beatdown in the rain. It remains to be seen how The American Nightmare will retaliate after what happened.