BOMBSHELL! WWE May Have Big Plans for Paul Heyman to End The Bloodline

The Bloodline’s leader Roman Reigns is currently on a hiatus. However, amidst his absence, Solo Sikoa has been on a rampage along with his newest ally, Tama Tonga. The Enforcer has not only kicked Jimmy Uso out of The Bloodline but also defied Paul Heyman to seemingly take over the faction.

Furthermore, Solo has been terrorizing a helpless Heyman, forcing him to do whatever he says. Given how things have been unfolding, The Wiseman needs to take some measures to stop The Street Champion in his tracks. There are several possible ways Heyman could stop Solo’s reign of terror.

The following piece will look at three potential ways Heyman could stop Solo Sikoa on the blue brand.

#3. Paul Heyman creates his own version of The Bloodline

Paul Heyman could start his own version of The Bloodline to stop Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga. The Wiseman could recruit Bron Breakker and Jacob Fatu, introducing them as members of a new Bloodline.

There have been rumors of the former NXT Champion Bron Breakker uniting with Heyman ever since The Wiseman showed up on NXT to support him, and it won’t be surprising if Paul calls upon Bron to tackle Solo and Tama Tonga.

Meanwhile, real-life Bloodline member Jacob Fatu, son of Sam Fatu, reportedly signed a contract with WWE recently. The Samoan Werewolf would be a strong addition to Heyman’s version of the Bloodline.

#2. Roman Reigns returns early

While Roman Reigns is not likely to make a comeback until the SummerSlam season, if not later, he could be forced to return early by Paul Heyman.

The Wiseman could have the original leader of The Bloodline return to put an end to The Enforcer’s uprising. Roman could return to reclaim his throne, squashing Solo and Tonga, much to the relief of Paul Heyman.

#1. Paul Heyman joins forces with Cody Rhodes

If Roman Reigns is unable to come to the aid of Heyman, The Wiseman will have to look elsewhere for help. While Brock Lesnar seems like an obvious choice, he isn’t likely to return anytime soon.

Hence, Heyman could play a masterstroke and join forces with the current Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes. The American Nightmare recently revealed his desire to be a Paul Heyman Guy in an interview. One should not forget that Heyman is regarded as one of the greatest minds in the wrestling business, and he could persuade Cody to unite with him.

This potential angle would not only spice things up but also keep doors open on a potential rematch between Reigns and Rhodes, given the duo are currently tied at 1-1.