Breaking News: Top Champion Suffers a Major Injury During WWE Taping

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, the reigning Champion, sustained a significant injury during this week's NXT taping. Dragunov, who ascended to the championship in September by defeating at the No Mercy Premium Live Event, has had a notable run as the NXT Champion.

The injury occurred during a recent event, necessitating medical intervention. WWE officials and the medical team had to stretcher the 30-year-old superstar out of the arena. This development raises concerns about the future of Dragunov's title reign, which has been marked by several successful defenses and high-profile victories.

Since winning the NXT Championship, Dragunov has been a dominant figure in the NXT arena. He is recognized as the second wrestler, following , to have held both the NXT and Championships. His first title defense was against former North American Champion , which he successfully retained.

Following this, Dragunov continued his winning streak by defeating Hayes in a rematch. However, his victory was marred by an attack from . Despite this setback, Dragunov managed to retain his title against Corbin at the Premium Live Event.

The extent of Dragunov's injury and its impact on his championship reign are yet to be fully assessed.