Cody Rhodes Makes Important Revelation About His Future in the Fight Against The Bloodline

Cody Rhodes has made a very interesting claim following Night Two of WWE WrestleMania XL. The American Nightmare picked up the biggest victory of his career last night in Philadelphia.

Roman Reigns defended the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Cody Rhodes last night in the main event of Night Two of WrestleMania XL. Despite massive outside interference during the ‘Bloodline Rules’ title match, Rhodes remained focused. He connected with three Cross Rhodes in a row on Reignsto to finally finish his story and become champion.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show today, Cody Rhodes claimed that his mother is yet to get even with The Rock and possibly even his mother, after everything that The Final Boss said to Mama Rhodes on the Road to WrestleMania. Rhodes also added that his mother never wanted any part of this story personally but now that seems inevitable.

“You guys have really made Mama Rhodes canon now. She never wanted to be signed up for any of it and now it is a whole thing. Mama Rhodes, I feel she has got a score to settle on her own with The Rock and maybe his mom,” said Rhodes.

Former WWE writer claims he lives in Cody Rhodes’ head

Vince Russo has not been a fan of Cody Rhodes crying on WWE television and recently called him out for it. The 38-year-old responded on The MMA Hour recently by noting that it is okay to cry in wrestling, despite what Vince Russo says.

Speaking on Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws show, Russo responded to Rhodes and claimed that he lived rent free in his head. Russo suggested that Rhodes might agree with him and that is why he decided to publicly respond.

“Bro, I live rent free in Cody’s head. How about that? I don’t know. EC3 will tell you, you cannot be in this wrestling business and have… thin skin. I would have been run out freaking decades ago if I had thin skin. Man, stuff like that really shouldn’t bother him unless he agrees with it, because if he doesn’t agree with it then it’s just Vince’s opinion, and Vince’s opinion is Vince’s opinion,” said Russo. [From 03:46 – 04:36]

You can check out the video below:

Cody Rhodes has been obsessed with finishing his story and he finally did it in the main event of WWE WrestleMania XL. It will be fascinating to see what lies ahead for the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.