Did CM Punk Spoil Major WWE RAW Announcement?

Recent events in WWE have led to speculation about CM Punk’s next move within the organization. During the NXT Deadline Premium Live Event, Punk made an unexpected appearance and delivered a promo, hinting at a possible alignment with one of the three brands. This has generated considerable interest among WWE fans.

Further fueling these speculations, Punk posted an image on his Instagram story featuring Ace Steel and Adam Pearce, which some interpret as an indication of his potential move to Monday Night RAW. This move could be a strategic decision for WWE, especially considering SmackDown’s recent signing of Randy Orton. A rivalry between Punk and Seth Rollins on the red brand is seen as a promising prospect for the company.


In addition to these developments, Matt Hardy, a former WWE Superstar, commented on Punk’s return to WWE during his podcast, ‘The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy’. Hardy described Punk’s return as “shocking” and conducive to business, expressing his belief that Punk would exhibit commendable behavior in his current stint with WWE.

Punk’s return to WWE, after his departure in 2014 under less than favorable circumstances, has been a topic of much discussion.