Drew McIntyre Addresses His Real-Life Heat With CM Punk, Backstage Issues Ahead?

Drew McIntyre recently opened up about injuring CM Punk during the 2024 WWE Men’s Royal Rumble match.

The Scottish Warrior and The Best in the World participated in the WWE Men’s Royal Rumble match last month. Punk sustained a significant injury that would keep him sidelined for several months in a spot with McIntyre.

The 38-year-old later confronted the 45-year-old on RAW. McIntyre addressed his real-life heat with Punk earlier in his career in the controversial promo. Meanwhile, he claimed he prayed for the former WWE Champion’s injury, and it happened.

During an interview with The West Sport ahead of Elimination Chamber, McIntyre spoke about injuring Punk, their promo, and their real-life relationship:

“There’re certain ones of us they can trust on the microphone and there really is that feeling of go and try some stuff. And a lot of it to me is, ‘I think this is hilarious. I think this works for the character. I think this is gonna be a heck of a oh my God moment.’ And I want to build him up, like, build Punk up about I can relate to him and say truthful things. Everything for me is gotta be based in Truth for me and the character because if it’s real to me, it’s real to everybody else and you’ll feel it. And Punk and I did have issues when I was younger. All that stuff I said are true. And I went in there and told him, ‘I’ve been through injuries. I’ve had moments taken away from me because of it. I can understand that,” he said.

The two-time WWE Champion added:

“He spoke about one of his friends going through chemotherapy and how that’s a real hero and I said I could relate to that. I didn’t know that until I was watching backstage and, you know, my mother went through the same, unfortunately. That’s how she passed. And I told him the truth that I can relate to all this stuff. But, you know, when it comes to the injury and how I felt him come into the company, leapfroging superstars, try to take their spot at WrestleMania, specifically my spot at WrestleMania, I was never gonna let it happen. And I took him out and I wanted to let him know that I prayed for this and it happened.” [10:47 – 11:55]

Drew McIntyre says he was being professional with CM Punk on WWE RAW

During the same interview, The West Australian’s Craig O’Donoghue asked Drew McIntyre if he had genuine empathy for CM Punk despite using the latter’s devastating injury to advance his scenario.

The Scottish Warrior pointed out that they have to be professional and understand that they are trying to entertain the fans:

“Yeah, I mean you gotta be professionals. I don’t wish anyone to be hurt no matter what the personal feelings are, no matter if they are rooted in reality, cuz they are. You just gotta hope that everybody’s a professional. They understand we’re trying to entertain the fans. And to me, what works is reality, what’s real.” [12:55 – 13:15]

McIntyre has qualified for the Men’s Elimination Chamber match. He will battle five other superstars for a shot at Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XL.