Former World Champion to Return After 113 Days Only for a Huge Betrayal on WWE SmackDown?

WWE SmackDown has been offering intriguing episodes lately, and the next episode might as well feature a monumental return, followed by a massive double-cross.

Former World Champion Sheamus has been off television since his match against Edge on August 18, 2023. There has been a buzz about his return for weeks, and the next edition of WWE SmackDown could feature his comeback. Once The Celtic Warrior makes a return, he will have some business to take care of with The Brawling Brutes.


Ridge Holland has been acting upset recently and even left Butch alone during their match against Pretty Deadly on a recent episode of the blue brand. Butch will seemingly start a singles run very soon, and Ridge Holland may expectedly turn heel.

Upon his return, Sheamus could confront Ridge and Butch regarding their miscommunications in recent weeks. Holland could then finally pull the trigger and turn heel on Sheamus and Butch. This could lead to a prominent rivalry between the two stablemates.