Former WWE Champion Returning to the Company for the First Time in Nearly 27 Years Was Planned Before Vince McMahon’s Retirement

Vince McMahon 1

Mace and Mansoor revealed they attempted to bring back Rick Martel to WWE before Vince McMahon’s retirement changed their plans.

The 67-year-old Canadian star had two runs in the Stamford-based company. He held the WWE Tag Team Championship three times alongside Tony Garea and Tito Santana. However, The Model last wrestled in the promotion in 1995 when he participated in the Royal Rumble match.


Speaking on Cafe de Rene, Mansoor and Mace disclosed that they had plans to bring back Martel.

“We tried to get a hold of him. We wanted him to come to a show. We were like trying to get him for Survivor Series or something,” Mansoor said. “When things were really good and we felt like we could actually get stuff, we were like, ‘Absolutely.’ We’re like, ‘For sure, let’s get Rick Martel. Like, if we can find him, let’s get him and get him on’ because that would be huge for us and him, I’m sure. But stuff stopped happening for us, so…,”

The Saudi star pointed out that Vince McMahon’s retirement delivered a significant blow to their plans and status in the company.

“I mean once Vince retired, it was like the writing was clearly on the wall. Like, we were probably not gonna be treated well. Not treated well per se but anything special that anybody was gonna get, we were not a priority, that’s for sure.”