Great Betrayal is Expected to Happen in The Bloodline

WrestleMania is shaping up to be a memorable event, after The Rock made it clear that he would be wrestling on his first WWE show in almost a decade.

The former WWE Champion laid down the challenge for Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins to wrestle him and Roman Reigns on night one of the biggest event of the year. The challenge wasn’t accepted this week on WWE SmackDown, but The Rock did add several stipulations to the challenge.

If Rollins and Rhodes win the match, then The Rock claimed he would ensure The Bloodline were banned from being part of the match. But if they lost, he would allow all members of The Bloodline to have roles in the match. It was as part of this statement that Solo Sikoa made it clear he would not be singing the national anthem as The Rock had suggested, and appeared to tease that he wasn’t a fan of this new rule.

While there are a number of ways Sikoa could betray his family, it seems that the most likely option would be for The Rock and Roman Reigns to lose on night one and for him to still include himself in the main event match of Night Two to help Roman Reigns retain his championship.