Is Liv Morgan Still With WWE? Find Out Following Her Arrest

liv morgan

was recently arrested in Sumter County, Florida, for possession of marijuana and drugs. She has since been released on bond. This incident has raised questions among fans about her current standing with , particularly in light of the company's Wellness Policy.

As of the latest information, Liv Morgan remains a part of WWE. Her absence from programming since the July 24 episode of Monday Night is attributed to a shoulder injury sustained in a storyline with . Morgan has been in recovery from this injury.

The arrest has cast a shadow over Morgan's career, potentially affecting her reputation within the wrestling industry. WWE has not yet issued a statement regarding her arrest, but there is speculation among fans that Morgan might face consequences due to the company's strict policies on such matters.

Regarding Morgan's potential return to WWE, there has been no official update on her injury status or her recovery . Fans have been following her updates on social media. Speculations suggest that Morgan might make her return at the Premium Live Event next year, a venue known for featuring returns and surprises. However, the timeline for her return is uncertain, pending medical clearance for in-ring action.