Major WWE Superstar’s Wife to Return After Seven Years to Help Neutralize Rhea Ripley and the Judgment Day?

Recent developments in WWE RAW have sparked discussions about the potential return of Brandi Rhodes to WWE after a seven-year hiatus. This speculation arises amidst the ongoing dominance of The Judgment Day, a group that has been a significant force on WWE RAW.

The Judgment Day, with Rhea Ripley as a key figure, has posed challenges for many of WWE’s top stars. Ripley’s role has been particularly impactful, making her a formidable opponent in the ring. The recent WarGames demonstrated that while The Judgment Day can be defeated, neutralizing Ripley is crucial for any significant victory.


Cody Rhodes, who played a pivotal role in the victory at WarGames, has ongoing issues with The Judgment Day. He is currently advertised for a Last Man Standing match against Dominik Mysterio at a WWE live event at Madison Square Garden on Boxing Day. This matchup suggests that Rhodes’ feud with The Judgment Day might continue into the new year.

In this context, Brandi Rhodes’ return to WWE is being speculated as a strategic move to support Cody Rhodes, particularly in countering Rhea Ripley. Brandi Rhodes, who left WWE in 2016, has since proven her capabilities in the ring, competing in several matches and accompanying her husband in All Elite Wrestling. Her last in-ring contest was on January 26, 2022, where she emerged victorious against KiLynn King.