Next ‘Tribal Chief’ Revealed, But Why Did This Happen? Everything Revealed Here

Next 'Tribal Chief' Revealed, But Why Did This Happen? Everything Revealed Here

, the Undisputed Champion, recently declared as the Tribal Heir of . This announcement was made during Reigns' return to , where he acknowledged Sikoa's contributions as The Enforcer. Reigns' decision to honor Sikoa is seen as a strategic move within the faction.

The relationship between Reigns and Sikoa has been a cornerstone of The Bloodline's success. Sikoa, the former North American Champion, has been instrumental in helping Reigns retain his title on multiple occasions since joining the faction in September 2022. Unlike , who temporarily left The Bloodline, Sikoa has remained loyal to Reigns.

However, there are indications that Reigns may harbor concerns about Sikoa's allegiance. Recognizing Sikoa as the heir could be a measure to ensure his continued support within The Bloodline. This move is crucial for Reigns, especially considering the potential challenges from other superstars, including , who are aiming to dethrone him.

In contrast to Reigns' limited in-ring presence in 2023, other superstars like have been more active. Rollins has consistently defended the World Heavyweight Championship, highlighting a stark difference in championship representation. Reigns has participated in only 11 matches throughout the year, with no further scheduled bouts for 2023. Notably, two of these matches were tag team matches with Sikoa, both of which resulted in losses.