Paul Heyman to Betray Roman Reigns and Start a Faction with CM Punk and 3 Other WWE Stars? Exploring Massive Twist

Paul Heyman WWE RAW

It is no surprise that CM Punk and Paul Heyman are close, which is why many expect the two to reunite at the expense of Roman Reigns. However, if the Wiseman is to betray his Tribal Chief, he must have a plan. That plan might be to birth a brand new faction that could dominate WWE.

So, who would join Punk and Heyman in this dream group? First things first, the former head of ECW can convince The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa to turn against his cousin. With Reigns not on television that often, Paul Heyman might influence The Enforcer’s decision-making. This could be part of his rumored new chapter.


As for the other members of this Paul Heyman and CM Punk-led faction, their links to NXT may come in handy. The Wiseman was present at Bron Breakker’s ringside for a match a couple of months ago, and while it was approved by Roman Reigns, something more sinister might be at play here.

Meanwhile, Breakker’s real-life girlfriend, Cora Jade, is a huge Punk fan. She is thriving as a heel on WWE’s developmental brand, but sharing screen time with her idol and a legend like Heyman would be a massive step up.

A faction led by the Wiseman with CM Punk, Solo Sikoa, Bron Breakker, and Cora Jade would go places on RAW or SmackDown.