Possible Members of Bo Dallas’ Faction Revealed

New clues about the possible formation of Bo Dallas’s stable were revealed in a mysterious broadcast on WWE’s official Twitch page. Gloved hands wrote enigmatic messages, each apparently directed to a specific member:

Rowan: “Remember who you are. It’s never easy to feel loss. You have lost so much. You deserve to be free. I know you’re angry, it’s okay. Let me show you what anger can do. When you are ready to take off the blindfold, come find me. You can always wear your mask :)”


Nikki Cross: “I am so sad to see you looking for a friend and finding none. How sad for them to lose someone as special as you. I saw you looking into the abyss hoping someone would look back. I want you to know that I see you. You are seen. You are loved. Come home, your new family awaits.”

Dexter Lumis: “Your family betrayed you. You deserve better. You are accepted as you are. Come to me and I will remake you… I will set you free. We can be a real family.”

Joe Gacy: “You had followers and they betrayed you. They turned their backs on you asking for help, asking for love, asking for someone, anyone, to notice you. All of them… did nothing. I will give you a family. Let’s teach them the consequences.”

Geographical coordinates of cities in the United States were shown during the video, possibly indicating the location of each member. The broadcast ended with the message “See you soon. I can’t wait to meet you,” followed by eerie images of notes being thrown at a door and a woman covered in white lace in a circle of candles.

It remains to be seen if the stable led by Bo Dallas will indeed appear at King and Queen of the Ring in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this Saturday, May 25.