Potential reason for awkward exchange between The Rock and Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW

Cody Rhodes and The Rock came face to face this week on WWE RAW for the first time since The American Nightmare captured the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The Rock had some interesting things to say to Rhodes despite beating him as part of WrestleMania Night One, and he even asked to hold the championship. Rhodes allowed him to hold his title, which many fans thought was an odd request.

It seems that this is another example of the long-term storytelling under Triple H since The Rock was actually World Champion a decade ago, and Rhodes was there to ask if he could look at his title.

Rhodes and The Rock had an interesting exchange a decade ago and it seems that this story is far from over. As part of the segment, The Rock made it clear that Rhodes had only defeated Roman Reigns, and he was the man who defeated Cody on Night One.

The Rock also noted that he was going away for a few months before handing something to Rhodes, which could be a major part of the story when he makes his return.

Cody Rhodes’ first WWE challenger is currently unknown

While Damian Priest found out that Jey Uso would be his first challenger when he won the main event fatal four-way match on RAW, Cody Rhodes’s next challenger is currently unknown.

The new World Champion is expected to be part of this week’s episode of SmackDown, where his future could be decided. WWE doesn’t have a lot of time to book his first title match since Backlash will take place live from France on May 4th.

Now that the storyline with The Rock and Roman Reigns has been wrapped up for the time being, Cody Rhodes could move on to a much bigger story on Friday night. It appears that his story with Seth Rollins has also come to an end for now, since reports suggest that the former champion will be sidelined until after Backlash.