Rikishi Reveals the Reason Why He Wouldn’t Replace Paul Heyman as Solo Sikoa’s Wiseman Despite Being Interested

There has been a lot of change in The Bloodline recently, thanks to Solo Sikoa. He introduced Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, and Jacob Fatu to the group, before kicking out Paul Heyman. However, this has left the dangerous group without a Wiseman.

Heyman will likely return alongside Roman Reigns, who is expected to re-form his own Bloodline when he’s back. As a result, many have pointed at Solo’s father, Rikishi, as the 2024 WWE Hall of Famer’s replacement.


Also Jimmy and Jey Uso’s father, the Attitude Era legend addressed those claims. Rikishi mentioned how Solo Sikoa’s Bloodline needs a new Wiseman and revealed that he’d be interested in the role, but there’s an issue.

Speaking on his podcast Rikishi Fatu Off The Top, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed he does not want to go on the road. That would be a requirement for a regular on-screen role in WWE. Rikishi spoke about his life away from wrestling, including spending time with his family:

“People ask would I be interested (in returning as The Wiseman). Yeah, I guess. It makes sense. Is the scheduling gonna be (a problem), cause I don’t wanna hit the road, and that would probably be the only reason why I would probably decline. There’s so much to my life now than professional wrestling. My time is my time now, the second part of my life is to spend time to visit my kids, my grandkids, and it’s nice when I show up to the boys’ homes,”

While laying out both sides of The Bloodline, Rikishi suggested who he thinks will join Roman Reigns and The Usos to battle Solo Sikoa’s stable. He hasn’t been on WWE television in over five years.