Roman Reigns Must Return Alongside New Bloodline Member to Clash with Solo Sikoa

Roman Reigns hasn’t appeared on WWE SmackDown since his loss to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40. He could return alongside a new Bloodline member to handle Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga.

On last week’s WWE SmackDown, Paul Heyman addressed Roman Reigns’ loss at WrestleMania XL, and later, Solo Sikoa took control of the microphone. He assaulted and evicted Jimmy Uso from The Bloodline with help from Tama Tonga. The debutant said he did everything by the order of The Tribal Chief, who seemingly isn’t Reigns.

The Head of The Table could return to the blue brand alongside a reported recent WWE signing, Jacob Fatu, and here’s why.

While Jacob Fatu is certainly a real-life member of The Bloodline, he doesn’t need to be manipulated by Solo Sikoa like Tama Tonga. He could instead choose the original Tribal Chief.

Solo has certainly made his biggest move by seemingly betraying Roman Reigns. However, he cannot count on everyone else to fall in line with his thinking. There’s a great possibility that he removed Jimmy Uso from the group because Jimmy didn’t want to betray the former WWE Universal Champion.

Roman has been an incredibly successful manipulator – certainly better than his Enforcer. He could use his intelligence to lure Jacob to the babyface side of The Bloodline Saga on WWE SmackDown.

Roman Reigns is known to have multiple backups to ensure his continued success. His monumental 1,316-day title reign wouldn’t have been possible without his helpers in The Bloodline.

At Clash at the Castle 2022, The Head of the Table brought a last-minute backup in Solo Sikoa. Something similar happened on the Road to WrestleMania 40 when The Rock joined him against Cody Rhodes. He is simply never without help.

He could have already planned a backup to help him against Solo Sikoa, that being his cousin Jacob Fatu. The latter could be Roman’s new helper in his feud against The Enforcer.

One recurring trend in The Bloodline Saga is memorable debuts and returns. Eminent examples include The Rock, Solo Sikoa, and Tama Tonga.

Jacob Fatu’s debut could follow the same trend. While joining Solo’s squad will be a good option, as Paul Heyman would say, there’s no better way to go viral than associating oneself with Roman Reigns. If Roman was to suffer a beating at the hands of Sikoa and Tonga, Jacob could step right in to help the rightful Tribal Chief.

This debut would create headlines and gain the debutant a massive number of fans. It would be a good move to make him join the babyface side on WWE SmackDown.