Roman Reigns Responds to The Rock

Roman Reigns Responds to The Rock

The first episode of in the new year, dubbed the Day 1 edition, featured the surprise return of a former WWE Champion, . This appearance followed a teaser by over the weekend, sparking widespread anticipation among fans.

The episode initially presented a twist when , The Modern Day Maharaja, appeared, much to the initial disappointment of fans. Mahal's disparaging remarks about the United States were abruptly interrupted by the iconic “If You Smell…” theme song, heralding the arrival of The Rock to an overwhelmingly positive reception.

The Rock confronted Mahal, delivering his signature brand of entertainment and action. His appearance culminated in a moment that resonated with the audience when he playfully suggested having dinner in San Diego and jokingly referred to sitting at the ‘Head of The Table,' a direct nod to , the current Undisputed Universal Champion.

This reference was not lost on fans, who have long expressed a desire to see a match between Roman Reigns and his cousin, The Rock. The interaction on RAW has fueled speculation and excitement about a potential showdown between the two.

Roman Reigns responded to The Rock's remarks in a succinct yet telling manner, sharing a laughing emoji on social media. This minimal but impactful reaction has added to the buzz surrounding the possibility of a future match between the two superstars.