Roman Reigns to Return and Form Massive Alliance with Former WWE Champion, Says Analyst, to Take on The Bloodline

A backstage WWE personality discussed the possibility of Roman Reigns reuniting with a 38-year-old star upon his highly-anticipated return. Sam Roberts thinks The Tribal Chief could mend his differences with his cousin and former stablemate Jey Uso to take on the new Bloodline led by Solo Sikoa.

Things have drastically changed amid Reigns’ absence from WWE since he lost his Undisputed Title to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40. Solo Sikoa has assumed the leadership of The Bloodline and has taken certain measures that would surely not go down too well with Roman Reigns. If kicking out Jimmy Uso wasn’t enough, Solo, accompanied by Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, and Jacob Fatu even booted out Paul Heyman from the stable during last week’s SmackDown.


Recently on his podcast, Notsam Wrestling, Sam Roberts stated that Roman Reigns may not be able to handle the new Bloodline on his own. The RAW Talk host believes Reigns could enlist the help of Jey Uso, with whom he has had a storied history of ups and downs. Roberts thinks that this would further legitimize Jey’s “Main Event” monicker and elevate him to another level.

“I think the idea, especially with Jey, is that Roman goes to Jey with hat in hand and Roman acknowledges that Jey is Main Event Jey Uso. Roman looks at Jey as an equal and says ‘Jey I need your help.’ That would be the difference, that you almost have that full circle moment that Jey has been waiting for since the beginning of The Bloodline. The difference is Roman says ‘I need you Jey’ and Jey is no longer in a position where he’s proving himself to Roman,”