Seth Rollins Discusses Roman Reigns’ Position in WWE

Seth Rollins Discusses Roman Reigns' Position in WWE

In a recent conversation on the SI Media podcast, addressed the topic of ' current status in . Rollins, a key figure in the WWE, shared insights into the locker room's perspective on Reigns, the WWE Universal Champion.

Rollins remarked, “I mean, to be honest with you as of late, because he's been so absent, I don't even really think it's been a topic of conversation amongst fans, let alone the locker room. I think it's one of those things where it's an opportunity, but it's such a glass ceiling opportunity. Like, it feels like almost, it's one of those things where it may never happen, like what's the point in wasting your time over there because the glass ceiling is so obvious and so thick, which is nice on my end with the World Heavyweight Championship.”

He further elaborated on the differences between the World Heavyweight Championship on WWE and Reigns' position. “I feel like there's much more of a real conversation to be had about who's the guy that's going to be able to dethrone me, if that's ever the case, you know, because I'm available, I'm around, I'm visible, and I put myself out there. I take risks that Roman isn't really taking at the moment.”

Rollins also speculated on the potential reignition of conversations about Reigns as season approaches, acknowledging that Reigns' presence might become more prominent in the coming months. He concluded by noting that while Reigns' status might be a topic of interest among fans, it doesn't seem to hold as much significance in the locker room.