Seth Rollins Says He Has Resolved His Issues with Bret Hart

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addressed past comments made by Hall of Famer , who in 2016 called Rollins “dangerous” and “unprofessional” in the ring. These remarks have lingered with Rollins, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, prompting a discussion during an interview with Alex McCarthy for Mail Online.

Rollins expressed his respect for Hart, despite the criticism. “I love Bret Hart, I'll preface this. Bret didn't really critique me, he called me ‘unsafe',” Rollins stated. He emphasized that anyone he has worked with in the ring would attest to his safety, including those who have been injured during matches with him.

The conversation turned to a personal interaction between Rollins and Hart at the induction ceremony in 2019. Rollins approached Hart to express how the comments had hurt him, highlighting his admiration for Hart since childhood. “It really kind of hurt my feelings. I felt bad and I don't say that often,” Rollins recounted. He explained that Hart apologized after realizing the impact of his words, leading to a friendship and good conversations between the two.

This reconciliation occurred during the Class of 2019 induction, where an unrelated incident saw a fan tackle Hart. Rollins, who has also experienced an attack by a fan in November 2021, discussed his own incident in the interview, drawing parallels between their experiences.