Subtle Hint About The Rock’s Role within The Bloodline Potentially Hidden by WWE: The Botch That May be Intentional

In the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, The Rock seems to have fully embraced his villainous character by officially joining The Bloodline and Roman Reigns. Not only this but The People’s Champion also insulted Cody Rhodes and his fans, claiming them as one of the primary reasons for ruining the Roman Reigns vs. The Rock WrestleMania main event.

However, recent developments in the Stamford-based promotion have led many fans to believe that though The Rock might have joined The Bloodline, it could be with the intention to break it, or to eventually betray The Tribal Chief. This assumption arises from the recent short clip that was uploaded on WWE’s official YouTube channel with the title:


“The Rock is officially apart of the Bloodline.”

The word ‘apart’ here needed to be ‘a part’ which then resulted in the meaning that The Great One has officially joined the Samoan faction. The use of the word ‘apart’ here led to a strong belief among fans that Rock’s role in the group might be as a betrayer as he may intend to shatter the faction ultimately. For those unaware, the word ‘apart’ usually means ‘not together’ or ‘into pieces.’

The botch of the title seems to be intentional by the Stamford-based promotion as they might be planting seeds for the conclusion of The Bloodline faction. Overall, it will be intriguing to watch how things unfold in the upcoming weeks on The Road to WrestleMania 40.