Superstar Who Humiliated Roman Reigns in the Past Says They Can Return to Dethrone Him

Roman Reigns has maintained an unbroken record of not being pinned or submitted in a singles match for over three years. His last defeat in such a context was against Baron Corbin at the TLC 2019 Premium Live Event. Corbin, who has a history of rivalry with Reigns, has recently reiterated his interest in facing Reigns again.

Corbin, familiar with competing against Reigns, noted the changed dynamics since their last encounter, particularly after Reigns adopted a heel persona. In a recent interview, Corbin, a former Money in the Bank winner, commented on the unexpected positive fan reactions he has been receiving. “Such a weird world we live in right now where Baron Corbin gets cheered,” he remarked. He further expressed his readiness to challenge Reigns, especially if the fan support continues. “I could be the guy to go against Roman Reigns because he needs a guy like that. It’d be a fun switch,” Corbin stated.


Reflecting on their past confrontations, Corbin acknowledged the potential freshness of a rematch, given the current circumstances. “The last time I worked with Roman, I was pouring dog food on him. Not a fun time for him. But it would be a flip. He’s killing it right now, but if people get behind me, it would almost feel, and here’s why I like it, it’s fresh. It feels new,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Reigns has transitioned to a part-time role in the past year and a half, appearing in only a few matches. His last appearance was at the Crown Jewel Premium Live Event, where he defended the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against LA Knight. With the recent returns of CM Punk and Randy Orton, and Orton’s expressed intent to confront The Bloodline, Reigns faces multiple potential challenges.