“The Current Tribal Chief” – New Status of CM Punk Revealed, According to Top WWE Superstars

"The Current Tribal Chief" - New Status of CM Punk Revealed, According to Top WWE Superstars

In a recent discussion on 's The Bump, shared his thoughts on 's return to WWE. Uso expressed a welcoming attitude towards Punk, highlighting his impact and status in the wrestling world. “Man, sign CM Punk. Why wouldn't we sign CM Punk? I know he got a whole bunch of haters. If we gonna be honest, he's a superstar, first and foremost. People talk about him. Anything to do with wrestling, his name's in it. He like on some Tribal Chief status. He's top guy, regardless of whatever is going on. So my invitation is open. Bring him. Let's go. Let's run it, I'll be your first one to run with. It's all good. It's all love. Let's go. Let's run it. Welcome back though, CM Punk,” Uso said.

The WWE community has been abuzz since CM Punk's return at WWE , with various stars commenting on the development. The term “Tribal Chief” used by Uso in his statement is notably also associated with Undisputed WWE Universal .

Further insights into CM Punk's return and its implications within WWE have been shared by other wrestlers, including and . Rollins, in particular, expressed skepticism about the decision to sign Punk, suggesting it could have unforeseen consequences.

CM Punk is scheduled to appear on the December 8 episode of WWE , an event that is highly anticipated by fans and commentators alike.