“The Disrespect to Roman” – Roman Reigns “Blown Away” in Major Announcement Involving Other Top WWE Stars

Roman Reigns, a major figure in WWE and widely regarded as one of wrestling’s biggest names, was notably absent from Sports Illustrated’s list of the best wrestlers of 2023. This omission has sparked a wave of reactions among fans, many of whom are expressing their displeasure.

Despite wrestling only a handful of matches in the past year, Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, has maintained a significant presence on SmackDown. His reign, lasting over three and a half years, shows no signs of ending, as evidenced by his recent victory at WrestleMania 39 against Cody Rhodes.


The list compiled by Sports Illustrated placed Cody Rhodes at the top, followed by Rhea Ripley, and included some unexpected names like Trinity in the fourth position. However, it was the absence of Roman Reigns that particularly struck a chord with a large segment of the audience.

In related news, WWE legend Kurt Angle expressed his desire to see a match between Roman Reigns and AEW’s Kenny Omega on his podcast, “The Kurt Angle Show.” Angle acknowledged the unlikelihood of such a match occurring due to the wrestlers being in different promotions. He commented, “Well, it’s a match that will probably never take place. But I would say Roman Reigns versus Kenny Omega for the world title. Now, I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen unless Kenny Omega switches over to WWE.”

Kenny Omega, a former AEW Champion, is currently sidelined due to diverticulitis and faces a lengthy recovery.

The exclusion of Roman Reigns from Sports Illustrated’s list has become a topic of discussion among wrestling fans and commentators, with many questioning the criteria and decisions behind the rankings.