The Rock to Return to WWE in 2024? – 3 Recent Teases That Prove a Comeback is in the Cards

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is among the greatest Superstars in history. He debuted in the promotion in 1996 and was a full-time competitor until 2002. Over the next few years, he split his time between pro wrestling and Hollywood.

Over the past 20 years, he has made a few brief returns, with the most notable and long-lasting run coming in the early 2010s when he feuded with and . However, viewers worldwide want to see The People's Champion appear on WWE TV more often.

Fans, insiders, analysts, and wrestlers alike frequently discuss the possibility of The Rock returning for one more run or at least a final match. For years, he has been speculated to kickstart a feud with his cousin, , but the program has yet to materialize.

A return of some kind may be in the cards after all, however. A handful of clues seemingly indicate a return to the ring for The People's Champion. Below are three recent teases that could prove The Rock is returning to WWE.

#3 The Rock recently discussed what he missed in WWE

The Rock's most recent return to WWE was a one-off appearance on an episode of in September 2023. He and  showed up, seemingly out of nowhere, and they attacked the cocky .

Since then, The Rock has occasionally been asked about the surprise appearance. During a recent chat on The Joe Rogan Experience, The People's Champion discussed the one thing he really missed since leaving pro wrestling:

“I told some of this. I miss that kind of stuff because it's been a while since I've worked out with the boys. Back when I was wrestling, we'd all work together because we would travel together every night and go to the same gym every day in different cities. But I miss that, that camaraderie,”

The Rock emphasized missing the camaraderie of professional wrestling. While he's a tremendously successful actor, there's nothing quite like what he does in sports entertainment. The former champion publicly addressing what he misses about pro wrestling and WWE after getting a brief taste of it may hint that he's returning for more.

#2 He claimed to have told a secret regarding his comeback

Fans know The Rock for his rivalries with top names like Stone Cold , , and Mankind, among others. Still, his most important connection in the world of pro wrestling is and has always been with the WWE Universe.

The Hollywood megastar recently worked with the Make-A-Wish foundation. He posted about his experience and revealed a fascinating tidbit regarding his potential future.

“Jayden is 15, and he's awesome!! Jayden's wish was to meet “The People's Champ.” He is a HUUUUUGE ROCK & pro wrestling fan, and we had a BLAST chopping up his favorite wrestlers and matches!! I LOVE pro wrestling, so my time with Jayden was super dope! 💪🏾I told him a little secret 🤫 that may or may not involve some dude returning to WWE to lay the on all their candy a**es 😉👋🏾,” 

While The Rock's comments may not guarantee his in-ring comeback, he certainly alluded to a return of some kind. If he is indeed coming back, the young WWE fan was given the scoop of a lifetime. Meanwhile, other viewers are attempting to figure out if they will see The Brahma Bull again in the squared circle.

#1 The Rock has been reportedly tied to a major upcoming event

There's no doubt that The Rock is a massive star. He is one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood, and his WWE credentials speak for themselves. There's a reason why wrestling fans are eager to see him return for a big match with Roman Reigns.

WWE personalities and fans may not be the only ones hoping to see The Rock return to action either. Australian Tourism Minister Ms. Rita Saffioti recently discussed her desire to see The People's Champion at an upcoming event:

“It'd be huge having someone like the Rock here in Western Australia. I saw he made a surprise appearance recently at a SmackDown event, so of course, we'd love to see him in the ring as part of this exclusive event.”

The event being discussed is , which is set to be held in Perth, Australia, on February 24th, 2024. The stadium show featuring a match with The Rock would make it one of the most significant events in modern history. Will it happen? For now, fans will need to wait to find out.