The Rock’s WWE WrestleMania 40 Drama: Who Made Final Call To Change Plans

The Rock is back for another road to WrestleMania, but the match he’s getting isn’t the one he originally wanted. It was his call the whole time to make that change, as I reported several times before. It turns out that Dwayne Johnson was convinced to let Cody Rhodes have the main event match, but it took a lot of backlash.

WrestleMania 40 Plans Changed:

I exclusively reported on SEScoops that a source within WWE confirmed that The Rock initially intended to have a match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. The current scenario regarding the show was not The Rock’s original preference, indicating that it was not part of a preconceived plan from the outset. He then conceded that Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns should be the main event match.

I was told that “The Rock conceded it should be Roman vs Cody.”

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed that report, saying that it was The Rock’s decision to book at tag team match for Night 1 of WrestleMania 40. The word “conceded” was even used in Dave Meltzer’s report.

There is said to be far more behind the scenes that hasn’t come out but given the timing can’t be talked about now. But Johnson over the weekend said it was best to be out of the Reigns match, put Cody in, which by this point everyone conceded by then. It was Johnson who then pitched the heel turn, and he did pitch the idea of the Reigns & Rock vs. Rhodes & Rollins match for night one. So that was his idea if that is how it turns out.

From the very beginning, I reported that plans were locked in, and the only person who could change things is The Rock. That is exactly what happened, much to the delight of “Cody crybabies” all over, who want to see The American Nightmare finish his story.

The Rock publicly expressed his desire for a match against Roman Reigns on January 1st, appearing during the Day 1 episode of RAW. Subsequently, the match was arranged shortly thereafter, despite Cody Rhodes winning the 2024 Royal Rumble match. Notably, Triple H was aware of the agreement for Rock vs Reigns.

Negative fan reaction, and mainstream attention on the matter, caused Rock to make a call to pivot. That being said, he will now apparently play up the heel gimmick on WWE television for the Cody crybabies.