“Triple H will fire her on the main roster” – Fans unimpressed with female star after her 66-week streak comes to an end

"Triple H will fire her on the main roster" - Fans unimpressed with female star after her 66-week streak comes to an end

, a wrestler with since 2021, has recently faced mixed reactions from fans following her performance on . Despite her relatively short career, hampered by multiple injuries, Lyons returned to action after recovering from an ACL and meniscus injury, facing in the latest episode of NXT.

Lyons secured her first singles competition victory since September of the previous year, defeating . However, her performance drew criticism from some fans, with several expressing their dissatisfaction on social media platforms.

Despite these reactions, Lyons, who is only 24 years old, has been recognized for her potential and talent. WWE Hall of Famer has notably praised her abilities, describing her as having a lot of talent and potential for someone of her stature. Booker T commented on her recent injury and recovery, stating, “She's coming off an injury, and she's just now getting back on track. She's top billing as far as I'm concerned. She's got a lot of talent, she's got a lot of upside. Her in-ring prowess is on-point. She's a bigger girl. Her abilities, man, it's unbelievable for someone of her stature.”

Booker T further speculated on Lyons' future in WWE, suggesting that she could become a champion in NXT and potentially enjoy a significant title run.

As head of WWE's creative department, ultimately decides the direction of wrestlers' careers.