Triple H’s WWE Career Is Done; Replacement Plans Are in Motion and He Is Currently in the “Lame-Duck Seat”

Wrestling veteran Vince Russo claimed Triple H’s days in WWE are numbered following The Rock’s appointment to TKO’s Board of Directors.

The Game joined the Stamford-based company in the mid-1990s. He spent nearly two decades as an active competitor. The 54-year-old also held several backstage positions before becoming the Chief Content Officer in 2022 following Vince McMahon’s initial retirement. Meanwhile, The Brahma Bull returned to WWE several weeks ago. He was also appointed to TKO’s Board of Directors.

On The Brand podcast, Russo claimed Triple H’s WWE career was “done” after The Rock became a board member of TKO. He speculated that the company had already started planning to replace the Hall of Famer:

“There is a part of me right now, I feel sympathy for Triple H because, like, to me, right now, he’s in the lame-duck seat. Like, he’s done. He’s done, bro. From a wrestling standpoint, with [The] Rock in that seat, Ari Emanuel does not need Triple H whatsoever,” he said.

The former WWE head writer added:

“Triple H is not on the board. Has never been on the board. [The] Rock is already moving [Brian] Gewirtz and his own writers in. You know, [The] Rock can bring in his old people, his own people, to replace the Shawns and the Triple Hs and whatnot. And there’s a part of me that feels so sympathetic to Triple H because I see the writing on the walls. But then, bro, look at the other end of this. How many people did Triple H do this to?” [6:11 – 7:12]

Triple H is involved in The Rock’s current WWE storyline

Following The Rock’s recent heel turn, Triple H seemingly became involved in The Rock’s ongoing storyline with Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and Seth Rollins.

While The Game gave a backstage interview following a heated confrontation between the four superstars at WrestleMania XL Kickoff, he was interrupted by The Rock. The latter demanded that the WWE CCO fix the situation. However, Triple H took several shots at The Brahma Bull on SmackDown while officially announcing that Rhodes would challenge Reigns at WrestleMania XL.

Later that night, Paul Heyman informed Triple H that The Rock and Reigns would return to SmackDown on Friday. The Game said he was looking forward to it. It would be interesting to see what part the 54-year-old will play in the storyline.

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