Wow! The Rock’s Challenge to Roman Reigns Hits an Interesting Milestone

Wow! The Rock's Challenge to Roman Reigns Hits an Interesting Milestone

During the first episode of in 2024, a significant moment occurred when called out . This event, part of : Day 1, has captured widespread attention, with the clip of The Rock's return and his challenge to Reigns achieving over one million views within eight hours.

The episode was marked by several title matches and a failed cash-in attempt. Additionally, it featured a long-awaited confrontation between and , reigniting a rivalry that began with Jax injuring Lynch years ago.

A notable segment of the show involved disrespecting the audience, only to be interrupted by The Rock. The Rock engaged with the fans, eventually laying out Mahal in the ring. Before exiting, he hinted at a potential pursuit of Roman Reigns, sparking excitement and speculation among the WWE Universe.

This appearance by The Rock follows his unexpected return to WWE in September 2023. In that instance, he interrupted during a segment, leading to a verbal exchange and The Rock delivering The People's Elbow to Theory. Additionally, The Rock had a memorable backstage encounter with , one of his greatest rivals, marking a nostalgic moment for fans.