WWE May Witness a Major Title Change Under Triple H’s Leadership

In the most recent episode of WWE SmackDown, a subtle yet potentially significant change was observed concerning Roman Reigns’ championship title. During the opening segment, Randy Orton referred to Reigns’ title as the “WWE Championship” instead of its usual designation, the “Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.” This alteration in terminology, also echoed previously by LA Knight, has sparked speculation among fans and commentators alike.

The shift in nomenclature could indicate a strategic decision by WWE’s Chief Content Officer, Triple H, to rebrand the title. Historically, the WWE Championship has been a symbol of excellence in the wrestling world, held by numerous legends and icons. This potential renaming could be an effort to align the current title with this storied legacy.


Despite these on-air references, the official WWE website still lists Roman Reigns’ title as the “Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.” This discrepancy suggests that the change, if indeed intentional, has not been formally implemented.

Further speculation arises from the context of Reigns’ reign as champion, which began in 2021. The addition of “Universal” to the title’s name may have been a nod to Reigns’ significant tenure. There is a possibility that upon Reigns losing the title, an official rebranding to “WWE Championship” could occur.

In the broader scope of WWE’s narrative, this potential change comes as Reigns has held the championship for over three years, with infrequent title defenses. This has led to some dissatisfaction among the WWE Universe. Looking ahead, WrestleMania 40 might serve as a pivotal moment in this storyline, with Cody Rhodes being positioned as a potential challenger to Reigns’ title.