WWE Should Give CM Punk the Roman Reigns Treatment, Believes Reigns’ Former rival

A WWE veteran recently said CM Punk should get the same treatment as Roman Reigns in terms of TV and premium live event matches.

A long list of wrestling veterans and experts have shared their opinions on Punk’s return at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 so far, with Bully Ray being one of them. Ray has opened up about WWE’s presentation of The Second City Saint several times since his comeback.


On a recent edition of Busted Open, Ray suggested WWE should give CM Punk the same treatment as Roman Reigns. The Hall of Famer didn’t want Punk to be over-exposed on WWE TV in the next few months.

“I think they should be very careful. I think they should treat Punk like a mini-version of Roman [Reigns] when it comes to his matches right now because that match against Seth [Rollins] will mean that much more if we only get a few Punk matches along the way,” Ray explained. “They might have to throw somebody in Punk’s way before Rollins.”